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Introducing: Studio Foundation program

This program is ideal for studio owner’s who are looking to embrace their role as an owner, begin mastering the business side of things and finally build a business that runs smoothly while making a healthy profit!



Are you overwhelmed by the idea of opening your own fitness studio? In just 10 weeks, you can learn everything you need to know about where to start, how to decide on the right business model for you, how to avoid costly mistakes, negotiate effectively, identify and attract talent and clients, and much more.


STUDIO owners Clubs - Levels I, II & III

A high level mastermind group for Studio Owners who are tired of trying to do it all on their own. This unique mastermind group will focus on building relationships and collaborating among a small group of like-minded professionals, so everyone in the group can have increased success and impact, while getting the support they need.


Dominic Vicari Business Coaching

"I had never thought about hiring a business coach before I hired Ashley. But I can tell you, this has been the greatest investment in my career!

There is so much I can say about my experience in this group. I have seen my business grow, my confidence boosted, my dreams expanded, and my goals achieved… and the best part is I know its just the beginning. I am constantly learning and evolving not just as a business owner, but as a person because of the support of this team and my coach Ashley. 
As a part of this group, I have a team that wants to see me succeed, but also understands the real blood, sweat, and tears that goes into following our passion. That alone has been one of the biggest assets to this group. We are friends from all around the country – from completely different types of communities and drastically different gyms and systems – but I have never felt so connected, supported, and inspired on this journey as I have with these people!"


"I have been in business for over 30 years with a large, successful studio that has several trainers working in my facility.  I am frequently focused on improving the business and the bottom line, as all business owners are. 

A friend of mine recommended Ashley to me to be my business coach.  In talking to her I was astounded by her instant understanding of my business model and of the roadblocks to my making quantum improvements in the business and net profit. Her suggestions were really basic and simple to implement but they had a very large impact.  My net income this year will increase a minimum of 20% and my hours will not increase whatsoever.  

I enthusiastically recommend Ashley Selman to any personal training company or studio.  She is a powerful coach and an incredibly effective role model.

BilL O'Connor
Owner – Apex personal Training
Wichita, Kansas

Bill O'connor Business Coaching